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Everyone’s mood is always happy when the sun is up. You know it will be a great day. We all love going to the beach or even hanging around our small towns and watching the sunrise and the sunset. There was always a calming feeling and peace surrounding us. I loved driving through a sunset or going on a plane or driving and seeing the sun rise. It always gave me a sense of calm, that everything will be okay. The sun itself in the summer or even in the fall/winter when it’s not cold and gloomy, my moods and mental health are lifted and I feel a sudden serotonin of happiness. My love for sunsets and sunrises is what inspired these hoodies today. I can wear what makes me happy literally everyday and because of how soft it is, it calms me in a way when it’s a sunny day. I wanted that happiness to represent something. Which was what everyone loves which is a good , comfortable, trendy hoodie.  

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