Metals: hypoallergenic, zinc alloy, kc gold


Sarang means love in korean. I dedicate this launch in response to hate crimes against Asian Americans. As an Asian American, when I was young and scared, I would be ashamed at times about my food or what the color of my skin looks like because I do have white in me, but people who doesn’t know me or what I am, will assume a color. I am mixed and I am proud. Hate crimes and racism for Asians have gone too long and have gone to the point where we cannot stay silent for long. We have dealt with the mockery, the joking, the brushing off sneered comments, and the violence that started to arise since CoVID. And we say enough and not stay silent. We aren’t the world that we should of been. So many hate crimes towards the black, Asian, Hispanic, etc community, it needs to be stopped and talked about. Speak up for one another and do not let anyone ever silence you!


-Owner of Everlene Jewelry

사랑 (love huggie)